cvrweb1While other casino-hotels came and went on the Las Vegas Strip, the Stardust stood steadfast through tremendous change, enduring for almost 50 years. Opening in Las Vegas’ ingenue era of boom-or-bust development, it was the dream of bootlegging and gambling figure Tony Cornero, who died suddenly – some say suspiciously – just as the world’s largest hotel and casino at the time was about to open. The Stardust’s future would include an era immortalized in Nicholas Pileggi’s Casino and the movie of the same name, and eventual legitimacy as part of modern corporaterun Las Vegas. The memories of the Stardust, memories we share with those who worked and played there, are permanent. Many of them appear in these pages. Memories, after all, are not tigers or elephants. Even we can’t make those disappear.

Through The Stardust of Yesterday, readers will recall – or learn about for the first time – such Stardust extravaganzas as Lido de Paris and Enter the Night and the Polynesian trendsetter Aku Aku, are brought back to life through the memories of long-time employees and guests. Lavishly illustrated with archival photos and memorabilia, the legend will live on through The Stardust of Yesterday.

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